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PhD thesis acknowledgement

编辑: 毕业论文 Release time: 2016-10-12Editor : Graduation Thesis

The thesis thank you is to briefly describe your own experience of the design, and to thank the instructors and relevant personnel for assisting in the completion of the graduation design. The following is a selection of PhD thesis collected by the editor, welcome to read and view.


After several months of careful preparation and continuous work, my graduation thesis has been completed, and my three-year doctoral life is about to end successfully. Although I am about to say goodbye to the Wuhan University campus that I am deeply attached to, I always warn myself that there is no limit to learning. In the future study and work, I will continue to seek up and down.

Here, first of all, I would like to thank my mentor, Professor Mo Hongxian. Since I first entered school, Teacher Mo has given me the greatest care and teaching in both study and life. Her generous personality is a role model and example on my way forward. During the three-year Ph.D. program, Mr. Mo gave me patient guidance in my studies, which significantly improved my professional level and greatly improved my scientific research ability. In the process of writing and revising my graduation thesis, the mentor gave careful guidance, from the collection of materials to the completion of the first draft to the finalization of the mentor.

While studying at Wuhan University, I was also fortunate to have the advice of Professor Mark Chang, Professor Wu Zhenxing, Professor Lin Yagang, Professor Kang Junxin, Professor Xu Famin, Professor Wang Chen, Professor Liu Yanhong, Professor Pi Yong, Professor Chen Jialin, Associate Professor He Ronggong, and Teacher Ye Xiaoqin. I am deeply impressed by their profound academic skills, rigorous academic attitude and noble personality. Thanks to their careful cultivation, I gradually grew up, constantly absorbing the nutrition of knowledge on the way to study, and their Chunchun teaching also inspired me to keep making progress and guide me to the future. In particular, Professor Mark Chang, a generation of master of criminal law, has been deeply loved and admired by the academic circle for his high style, gentlemanship, and scholarship. It is a great blessing in life to see and be taught in Wuhan University. Here, I sincerely wish Teacher Ma good health.

I would also like to thank Prof. Qi Wenyuan, Prof. Xia Yong, Prof. Yang Zonghui, Prof. Su Caixia and Prof. Junping Wang from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, who introduced me to the sacred hall of science of criminal law and taught me how to become my A legal worker gave directions. The generous morals and profound knowledge of several teachers have set an example for my life and scholarship.

I also want to thank Mr. Liu Shaoxiong, a partner lawyer of Guangdong Renren Law Firm and an adjunct professor at Wuhan University Law School. During my PhD study, I was fortunate to follow Mr. Liu to learn about lawyer practice, which benefited me a lot. Mr. Liu's wisdom, openness, open-mindedness and humor all left me an indelible impression. The care and instruction given by Teacher Liu in my studies and life will motivate me to continue to struggle and move forward bravely.

Most of all, I also want to thank my family, classmates and friends. My parents have always encouraged me to work hard and give me selfless support for my studies. Their expectations are the source of my motivation. My classmates have provided me with a lot of help in my study and life, and made me deeply feel the innocence of classmates. And many of my friends, their encouragement is a huge motivation on my way forward, no matter how far away you are in the future, friendship will always be remembered in our hearts.

At this moment, it is difficult for me to express my mood with calmness. I know that only by tirelessly pursuing the path of studying and striving for progress can we live up to the teachings and ardent expectations of your teachers in order to serve the future legal system of our country. Construction contributes its own strength.


Doctoral studies are a journey full of contradictions. The attractive aura of the Ph.D. is a tempting journey, but the journey is full of thorns. On the way to study, I can talk with the learned masters of ancient, modern, Chinese, and foreign, but often need to resolve the loneliness of the bone marrow; The journey opens the doors of wisdom one after another, but closes the windows of desire one after another; the doctoral journey is coming to an end, with both the pleasure of relief and the lack of anxiety. Thanks to the guidance of the teacher, the support of my colleagues, the love of my relatives, and the encouragement of my friends, I went to the end of this journey and submitted this paper.

Thank you, Professor Tao Jiajun. In 2004, I began to study at the master's degree at Sichuan Foreign Studies University under the guidance of Teacher Tao. My supervisor led me into the academic hall. In 2010, I followed in the footsteps of my teacher to be admitted to Beijing Foreign Studies University and continued my relationship with teachers and students. Over the past ten years, the teacher has inspired me to climb the peak of academics with his profound education, ambitious ideals, passion for academics, and concern for students. The teacher built a comprehensive knowledge system of English literature and western critical theory in one hand, and taught scholarship, reflection, and reflection, and cultivated a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary vision. I was a mediocre, but the teacher cut out a ray of wisdom, perseveredly polished it, filled the gaps in my knowledge, faded my indifference to mediocrity, removed the impatience in my character, opened my horizons, and guided me forward. From topic selection to writing, the teacher navigated me at critical moments, ranging from theoretical propositions to small sentences. He urged encouragement when I was lazy, and asked me to precipitate and polish when I was impatient. Whether it is an opening report or a dissertation, each submission is accompanied by uneasy and infinite expectations. The teacher can always extract the highlights from the ordinary words and thoughts, and push forward, breakthrough, step by step, and break through. My mindset is set to increase the value of my thesis. Especially from the first draft to the second draft, the teacher's comments and suggestions gave me an epiphany, organized the raw materials and viewpoints at hand in a more suitable order, and resolved the problems that I couldn't solve in the first draft, just like opening the meridian. Teachers are rigorous in their studies and have strict requirements on students. In the face of the teacher ’s unrelenting criticism, I have deeply questioned whether I have no sense of wisdom and “went astray”. Leaving deep marks in my head, spurring me to overcome obstacles, getting frustrated and brave. I am fortunate to be a student of Teacher Tao. My husband and I have received the teacher's support and help at the crucial moments in my life, and I am extremely grateful.

Thank you to Professor Dong Hongchuan of Sichuan International Studies University. Mr. Dong is the second mentor and unit leader of my master's degree. He has been paying attention to my study and work for many years. Mr. Dong infected me with his profound Chinese skills, his passion for academics, and his care for the younger generation, helping me to improve my Chinese expression and logical thinking skills. Mr. Dong carefully reviewed the first draft and final draft of my opening report, and put forward very inspiring opinions and criticisms from viewpoints to language. It made me aware of the shortcomings of the thesis in an approachable and friendly manner. Mr. Dong has always been concerned about the progress of my dissertation writing . Through casual conversations, I helped clarify the value of research, the starting point of argumentation, the method of argumentation, the organization of thought, and the expression of words. Teacher Dong encouraged me to move forward with his wisdom, openness and optimism.

Thanks to Professor R. Radhakrishnan, School of Humanities, University of California, Irvine. During my one year at the University of California, I met with Professor Wahak Sinan on a regular basis. He provided reference opinions on the topic of my dissertation, guided me to read the forefront of American international feminist criticism, and taught dissertation writing. Methods. The mentorship of Professor Wahak Sinan has expanded my academic horizons, and the Sayed research and Foucault research methods he demonstrated in class have particularly benefited me.

Thank you to the three professors who participated in the opening of my thesis: Professor Wang Liya, Professor Wang Fengzhen, and Professor Dong Hongchuan.

Professor Wang Liya carefully reviewed my opening report, and suggested that I rethink the value of the topic from the choice of writers and works, and pointed out the language irregularities in the opening report, especially reminded me to keep academic cautious and humble. attitude. Professor Wang Fengzhen inspired me to rethink the meaning and value of the topic, and to avoid the construction of empty theory. His criticism made me pay attention to the importance of selected writers and works in thesis writing . Thank you to the five experts who reviewed my paper: Professor Zhang Zhongzai, Professor Zhao Yifan, Professor Zhou Xiaoyi, Professor Wang Liya, and Professor Dong Hongchuan.

Thank you teachers who met during your studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University. They are Professor Zhang Zhongzai, Professor Zhang Zaixin, and Professor Wang Minan. Professor Zhang Zhongzai is humorous and teaches classical literary theories in a simple way. Teacher Zhang is a prestigious senior scholar; I am touched by my kind attention to the students. Professor Zhang Zaixin demonstrates the method of reading texts in class. Professor Wang Minan learns both Chinese and Western cultures, blending the temperament of artists and critics. They made up the flaws in my knowledge from different angles.

Thank you to those who walked with me during my studies. We gathered in Beiwai for the same pursuit, and forged the purest friendship, encouraging each other and helping to complete our study journey. Thanks to Sister Huang Lijuan, Sister Chen Liping and Sister Wei Yanhui for reading my opening report and thesis and giving very valuable opinions without reservation. Thanks to the three sisters for sharing their valuable experience and encouraging me in the process of writing my thesis. Thank you Sister Rui Xiaohe gave valuable comments in the first and second drafts of the thesis. Thanks to Sister Yuan Quan, Sister Huang Ran, Sister Liu Xin, and Sister Feng Lei for inspiring me in the seminar.

I thank my unit and my alma mater, Sichuan International Studies University, for their seven-year training, and sent me to Beijing Foreign Studies University to continue my studies. Thanks to the leaders and colleagues of Chuanwai Overseas Training Department for their understanding and support during my study.

Finally, thank my family. Thanks to my parents for their persistence in education. They raised five of our siblings with unimaginable hardships, provided their children with education beyond their ability, and fulfilled her daughter's little achievements today. Thanks to my mother-in-law for taking good care of my young son for supporting me to complete my thesis as scheduled. Thanks to my siblings for their unconditional love and support. Thanks to my husband who alone bears the burden of the family and gave me the greatest trust and support to complete my studies. Thanks to my son Xiaoyouyou for using his innocence and love to resolve my anxiety of thought. My son came as an angel on my journey to study, but I have no time to do both. From the two years and a half since his birth, I have always been absent. The guilt of my son has increased with the completion of my doctoral dissertation.


Time flies, and it's time to graduate. Looking back at the three years of studying and living at Henan University, I am grateful. Here, I received the help of many teachers and alumni, and I am especially grateful to the instructors for teaching me. It is their care that allowed me to successfully complete my studies. When the paper is finished, I would like to express my most sincere thanks!

First of all, I would like to thank my mentor, Professor Zhang Keding. On the way to school, I am so lucky to be able to meet such a teacher! Thinking back to the past three years, the teacher has given me meticulous care and teachings in my life and study, and I will remember every bit of it. At the beginning of enrollment, the teacher asked me to systematically review the development context, theoretical perspectives, and latest research results of general linguistics and cognitive linguistics, so that I had a better understanding of the basic theories of cognitive linguistics and research in the field of linguistics. I have a basic grasp of the dynamics, which has laid a preliminary foundation for my future academic research work. After discovering that I was very interested in construction grammar and cognitive grammar, the teacher kept urging me to carefully study related books, and taught me that sometimes I had to translate the original work in order to grasp its basic ideas and theoretical essence. With his profound knowledge, rigorous and pragmatic attitude, and unique insights into scientific research issues, the teacher gave me careful guidance. This thesis has devoted a lot of effort and sweat to the teacher from the topic selection, conception, formulation of the research plan, chapter-by-chapter revision of the first draft to finalization. Without careful guidance and help from the teacher, the completion of the dissertation would be unimaginable. And my grandmother Li Hong, my teacher, and the care and help she gave me in life, I will always keep in mind. On the completion of this thesis, I would like to offer my sincere respect to my most respected mentors and teachers!

Thanks to my master ’s tutor, Professor Wang Yin of Sichuan University of Foreign Studies, and I still have a fatherly affection for Teacher Wang. He led me into the hall of linguistics research, which inspired my interest in linguistics, and I have cared about every step of my growth for years. Mr. Wang guided the reading of books on the history of Chinese and Western philosophy, postmodern philosophy, philosophy of language, history of Chinese and foreign linguistics, logic, psychology and cognitive psychology, which laid the foundation for my PhD and future research. He is still familiar with the semantics and cognitive linguistics courses taught by Mr. Wang, and clearly remembers every meeting and discussion of Mr. Wang. Thank you Master for your tireless teaching, Master Li Hong ’s motherly love, and sister Liu Yumei and brother Zhao Yongfeng for their constant help. Three years of master's study experience is an unforgettable memory of my life.

Secondly, I would like to thank Heda University for his hard work in training my other teachers, especially Professor Niu Baoyi. His overview of modern linguistic theory has given me a taste of the teacher ’s extensive knowledge, cognitive grammar, and constructive grammar. The explanations have benefited me a lot and also strengthened my academic path.

In addition, I would like to thank Professor Wen Xu, Professor Xu Shengzhang, Professor Xu Youzhi and Professor Yang Chaojun for the inspirational suggestions they gave me when I opened the topic, so that I can smoothly enter the first draft.

Thanks to my friends, Associate Professor Zhang Kaiyu of the School of Foreign Languages, Gansu Agricultural University, for my constant encouragement and affirmation. Thanks to the leaders and teachers of Henan University's School of Foreign Languages for their training and guidance. Thanks to fellow teachers Zhang Ke, Li Guanxue, Wang Xiaowei, Du Juan, and Zhang Xiufang for their help. When I was confused in the research, they gave me valuable opinions and confidence to persevere. In the most difficult period of writing the thesis , I would like to thank my friends Huang Dongdong and Xu Fangfang for their warm help in life and study. It is their help and concern that made me feel the warmth of home in a foreign land!

Thanks to my parents and family, especially my sister Ma Yinghui, their silent support and constant encouragement are the biggest motivation for my life and study, and accompanied me through the six years of long and arduous course of study.

Finally, I extend my sincere thanks and eternal blessings to all those who care and help me.

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